Fused Silica CNC Machining and Polishing Services

Fused Silica CNC Machining, Grinding, Polishing, Dicing

Valley Design provides Fused Silica CNC machining, grinding, flat lapping, polishing, dicing, annealing, etching, drilling, chamfering, bead blasting, sand blasting, laser slag removal, ultrasonic rotary drilling, and Blanchard grinding. These capabilities have been developed over 37 years in business and hundreds of thousands man hours of experience. Most of our technicians have been with the company for over 20 years, and some have been with us right from our beginnings in 1975 when the company was founded.fused silica samples

25 years ago we made 300mm fused silica membranes, 25 microns thick (0.001”) optically polished both sides. We have advanced since then. Now parts can be fabricated in size ranges from as large as 609mm (24”), as thin as 25 micron thick and as small as .203mm.  Our customers are among the top technology companies in the world including Applied Materials, Intel, KLA Tencor, Philips Medical, Boeing, NASA, Raytheon and others.


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